Architectural Philosophy


Off Grid. On Grid. HyGrid!  Architectural philosophy

This is the first article in a series of articles related to our years of trial, error and eureka moments of trying to find ways to live efficiently and comfortably by managing our resources.

Combining working and living in a flexible space that you can change its demand into adaptive layouts, coupled with the building’s capability to generate it’s own energy, cooling and heat supply; is the best way to describe our Studio-Loft HyGrid Project; a true hybrid house to ease the way forward.

With its environmental footprint of just 10 sq meters, the 96.6 sq meter Studio-Loft HyGrid is perched upon 15 pillars overlooking 25 aches of forest valley with two waterfalls. Studio-Loft HyGrid is designed and built by just the two of us, Mihály+Fátima (without the help, nor employment of contractors, tradespeople, designers or architects)—as our primary residence and studio—featuring all of the modern comforts of contemporary living.

In the morning, Studio-Loft HyGrid transforms into a work/studio environment, a lounge with a kitchen to receive,  entertain guests, friends and family. In the evenings; Studio-Loft HyGrid becomes our home again; pop-corn movie nights.

“If your living off-the-grid; your camping.” —Mihály

What happens when the power goes out? At my last job at the office—we would just sit and gaze at dead computer screens, look out windows, or stare at co-worker/s—waiting for something to happen. At studio-Loft HyGrid; the primary batteries have enough stored energy to run things throughout the day—well into the evening; and into the next several days until the grid comes back on line. If the batteries run dry, or there’s not enough sun for the panels, a backup 3200 watt generator will pick up the slack and charge the batteries at the same time.

South facing wall for solar harvesting: 2 Water Heaters, 2 Air Exchange Heaters, 2 sets of Photovoltaic (PV) Modules

Studio-Loft HyGrid is engineered with four types of power sources—solar plays a vital role in its design. We utilized the south facing wall for solar harvesting. It has four types of heating sources; three renewable solutions, and one fossil fuel type, that can handle surprising Arctic snaps—it’s when temperatures plummet below -65°!  Studio-Loft HyGrid will keep everyone and everything safe and warm inside it’s highly insulated thermal sandwich envelope. There’s even two solutions for cooling the building.

Studio-loft HYGRID’s design and engineering philosophy can be applied, or adapted to new architectural advancements—making way for the aging population, social family changes, business professionals and to the restoration of our planet.

Truly Sorry, Studio-Loft HyGrid is not for sale. There are no kits, no pre-fab packages, no available blueprints; why? because Studio-Loft HyGrid is a design and engineering prototype— still being field tested. There’s an evolutional process of building design, construction alterations / tweaks in materials, technology / equipment that is being employed—daily or almost every day. I also don’t want to give away all of my engineering secrets…;)

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