Email address change!

Please be informed of my Email address change.

Hi – Mihály (The Nesters’) here. To accommodate my artistic future, I have a new primary email address, and wanted to let you know about it.

My old email address/s were:, ( and

My new email address is:

I would like to make sure that we remain in touch, so please take a few minutes to update your contacts, as I will no longer be using my old email account/s after March 18, 2018.

Sincerely yours,
Mihály (The Nesters’)
Torontonian Artist and Articleist

P.S. Change of email…here’s why?

The internet, the people who run it and the people who use are forever revolving, growing and learning new things; the new replaces the old—you know the story.

Google, Yahoo, Bing to name a few of the big search engines will—some day be taken over buy something different, sometimes better services.

We all have email accounts with browser related services like Google’s gmail. The diehard emailers still use their hosting providers for their email accounts; systems and services that hold websites, emails and other webby wonders.

The problem of using your hosting provider is they have a short term lifespan; for whatever reason, they move on, fade away, or be eaten by a bigger fish.

The other problem lies with governments can easily access, or harvest personal data found on applications like; Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, and so on, at no great expense.

I feel New software can trawl social media and the internet for threats in real-time.

Not only does the government have your interests on hand; the marketing industry sees you as a cash cow as well. By collecting algorithms (calculations, consumer patterns! etc.) from Facebook, Gmail, they are gearing up, setting you up to sell you everything—including misleading you, yep, the modern advertising agency.

Then there is the Electronic Fatality Common-ground; “oh no, my computer crashed”. “My cellphone fell onto the subway tracks and died”. “Our company’s email server was cracked”, and other excuses used for not receiving or responding to your emails.

So, by looking into my cyber crystal monitor—I see the need for something permanent, a more reliable way to ensure my email constancy.

A few forward thinking individuals have already purchased private URL’s to lock-in their email existence. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is an address used to identify websites and other computer related stuff.

Well then, yours truly has also adopted this prepper way of thinking, and this is how I did it:

  1. Since I already have a internet provider (Netfirms) for my websites, I didn’t need to get one.
  2. Got a private URL: (my own web fingerprint—unique to me only),
  3. Created a WordPress website (free) just for my new email, and bought a  really cool theme (Patch by pixelgrade located in Romania/England).
  4. Signed up for Google’s Gmail for business services (about $4.17 monthly) the best system thus far for filtering out spam and viruses. Yahoo, Bing via GoDaddy also provides this service.
  5. Launched my Change of email campaign:
  • Auto reply on all my email accounts indicating the change.
  • forward all my emails to my new account.
  • posted the article on blog, which then sends out the post to my social media accounts.

The cool thing is that when, if ever Google shuts down or is taken over, all I have to do is switch the company, migrate all of my email information into the new service; you’ll still be in touch with me without seeing a disruption of email business, anytime, anywhere I may be visiting.

Share your thoughts, we would like to hear your story.