The Unexpected Route


This interactive true story in the making (Nesters’ Odyssey: The Unexpected Route) is about two 50-plus year old grandparents; living and enjoying the upside of being Empty Nesters . . . aiming their pilgrimage towards new adventures and travels in a vintage 1973 Airstream Travel Trailer with a bunch of cockers . . . Ooh La La!

Nesters’ Disclaimer—Being Transparent.

The Nesters’ newspaper inspired website is about us telling our story . . . our lives after the kids have left the nest. Our articles, initiatives and activities are based on our own opinions, our experiences, and our passion to learn and do new things. We don’t claim to be experts in any field or discipline—other than our own strengths in the Arts, Architecture and Science.

The Nesters’ are not affiliated with anyone, any company or government agency. We review, test, do extensive research and studies before we publish anything online. If we are wrong about something, or we’re stepping on tender toes—we need to be informed—with reasons, proof and viable solutions.

Mihály+Fátima—The Nesters’ characters

Fátima (fatch-eh-ma) Loving, Passionate, Supportive, Well schooled—a spinner (fibre artist), and loves construction.

Mihály (Me-Hi)—better known as Mihály Nester (my internet pen name). I write as I live. My blog is my story. My art is who I am. My work pays the bills. I’m a Polymath of the ArtsArchitecture and Engineering.

The Nesters’ Mission

The Nesters’—sharing our stories and advice; from downsizing and traveling to RV’in and going green—connecting empty nesters with each other, the RV’in community, environmental and humanitarian movements and its audiences with inspiring work, brilliant ideas, valued information and resources—in our articles, projects, and products.

Audience / Readers

Your input if you wish; of funny stories; amusing experiences; words of wisdom will add flavour to the Nesters’ blog,

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